Payslip & P60 Case Studies

Payslips plus can provide payslips, wageslips and P60’s for a wide range of purposes. Below are some examples of why other customers have used our service.

We offer a wide range of payslips / wage slips and P60’s all produced on Inland Revenue approved forms. Our computerised payroll system ensures accurate payslips results . All client information is extremely confidential.

Payslips & P60’s for Brokers

A broker contacted us because his client had disposed of last years P60. We provided it and his client was delighted as she was able to get a mortgage and purchase her first home.

Payslips for Employers

An employer only gave hand written pay packets to his employees as he didn’t have a computerised payroll system. He provided us with all the necessary information and we produced payslips for his employees.

Damaged Payslips

A customer had all his computerised payslips except 3 of them were badly damaged, we were able to reproduce the damaged ones based on the information from his other payslips and he was able to get his car.

Lost Payslips

A customer had lost his last 3 years P60’s whilst moving home he provided us with all the necessary information we were able to produce his documents for him and he kept them on file just in case he needed them.

P60’s and payslips for Employers without computerised payroll

An employer doesn’t run a computerised payroll system which suits him for the month to month payroll but he contacts us every year to produce all his staff P60’s. The employer then doesn’t have to incur the expense of a monthly payroll system.

Payslips for Employees

A employee contacted us because he had shredded all his payslips and he needed them for personal reasons, we produced 3 payslip on the information provided.

Payslips for residents abroad

A customer living in Spain had lost her payslips and P60 from when she worked in England and couldn’t get them from her previous employer, we were able to provide them for her.