Available Years: 2017 to 2023
Portrait only. P60 = £35.00



These P60 Standard Red payslips  are printed on a laser printer to the highest quality and will show: Total Pay and Deductions, Total National Insurance Contributions, Employers Name and Address, Your Name, Your Address, and National Insurance Number.

Standard P60 Salmon

  • P60 Details

  • The Tax Office Name is the local office where your employer is based.
  • The Tax Office Reference Number normally starts with 3 numbers and a combination of numbers and letters e.g. 428/GA10055. If you do not know your employer’s tax office reference, you can get this from your employer.
  • Read our guide to Tax Codes
  • What is my 'NI Number'?
    Your NI number is your National Insurance Number.

    It will be in the format of two letters followed by 6 numbers and a single letter at the end.

    E.g. NY 21 21 21 C
  • (Please write the business name to appear on payslip. More information about the business / company will be required after checkout)
  • Your Annual Salary is the total amount you are paid for the entire year.
  • What is Gross and Net?
    Gross Pay:
    Is your pay before any deductions (i.e. Tax and National Insurance) have been taken into consideration.

    Net Pay:
    Is after deductions i.e. your take home pay.
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Introducing our latest product, the P60 Standard Red, brought to you by Payslips Plus (https://payslips-plus.co.uk/). Designed with utmost precision and professionalism, the P60 Standard Red is a premium payslip document that offers a streamlined solution for recording and reporting employee earnings and tax deductions.

Key Features of P60 Standard Red

1. Compliance and Accuracy: The P60 Standard Red is meticulously designed to meet all statutory requirements and compliances, ensuring that your payroll documentation adheres to legal standards. With accurate calculations and clear breakdowns of income and taxes, it provides a reliable record of an employee’s earnings for the entire tax year.

2. Eye-catching Design: Our P60 Standard Red comes in a distinctive red format, adding a touch of sophistication to your payroll process. The professional appearance enhances your company’s image and reinforces your commitment to excellence in every aspect of your business.

3. User-friendly Format: The P60 Standard Red is thoughtfully structured, making it easy for both employers and employees to understand the information presented. The document includes sections that detail gross pay, income tax, national insurance contributions, and more, creating a comprehensive overview of an individual’s earnings and tax liability.

4. Confidentiality and Security: Payslips Plus prioritizes data privacy and security. The P60 Standard Red is printed on high-quality, tamper-resistant paper, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

5. Efficient Payroll Management: With the P60 Standard Red, you can streamline your payroll management process and maintain accurate records effortlessly. These payslips can be utilized for tax reporting purposes, employee audits, and any other payroll-related documentation needs.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the P60 Standard Red, and take your payroll management to the next level. Trust Payslips Plus to deliver exceptional products and services to meet your business requirements. Order your P60 Standard Red today and ensure a seamless and compliant payroll experience for your company and employees.