Replacement payslips
Replacement payslips
Replacement payslips

We offer a fast, reliable, confidential service

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Trusted provider of payslips and P60's with over 25 years experience

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The UK's number one provider of Payslips and P60's

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payslips-plus uk
payslips-plus uk
payslips-plus uk
payslips-plus uk
We offer a fast, reliable,
confidential service
payslips-plus uk
Trusted provider of payslips and P60's with over 25 years experience
payslips-plus uk
The UK's number one provider of Payslips and P60's
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We offer a fast, reliable replacement payslips and P60 service, you will receive your order the same day via email or next day delivery in the post. See our delivery page for more information on our delivery services. T&C applies.

We are the UK’s number one
trusted provider of payslips, with over 25 years of experience

About Us

Established in 1992 we pride ourselves on our fast, reliable and confidential replacement payslips and P60’s.

As a member of Trust Guard, you can be confident that you’re ordering your payslips from a reputable company. We offer a wide selection of payslips, all are produced on Inland Revenue-approved forms. We will make the appropriate tax and national insurance calculations based on either the net or gross pay that you provide and print your documents using our computerized printing systems. You can be assured that all our client information is kept confidential.

Standard Payslips

Plus Payslips with Employee Address

These payslips are laser printed to the highest quality and will show all the necessary pay and deductions, company name, your name and national insurance number.

Premium Payslips

These premium payslips are printed on a laser printer to the highest quality and will show all the necessary pay and deductions, company name, your name, your address and national insurance number.

P60 End of Year Certificates

The P60 is printed on a laser printer to the highest quality, it is a year end form which contains your earnings, tax and national insurance details for the full tax year. Standard Blue P60s are available in both portrait and landscape formats. Other P60s are only available in portrait format.

Welcome to Payslips Plus – your one-stop destination for hassle-free access to a range of essential financial documents, including replacement payslips, P60 payslips, lost payslips, wage payslips and the ability to buy payslips online. Whether you’re an employee seeking clarity on your earnings or an employer aiming for efficient payslip management, Payslips Plus is here to simplify the process. Our UK-based platform offers a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring that you have easy access to the financial documents you need.

Understanding Payslips:

A payslip, also known as a wage slip or paycheck stub, is a crucial financial document provided by employers to their employees. It contains essential information pertaining to an employee’s earnings, deductions, taxes, and other financial details for a specific pay period. A well-structured payslip promotes transparency and accountability, enabling employees to grasp their compensation breakdown, tax contributions, and any additional deductions. Payslips Plus acknowledges the importance of precise payslip management and offers both employees and employers a secure and user-friendly platform for convenient access, generation, and storage of payslips online.

In today’s digital age, traditional paper-based payslips are becoming outdated. Our payslip replacement and payslip online services offer modern solutions that simplify the payslip distribution process while minimizing environmental impact. At Payslips Plus, we offer a convenient and eco-conscious alternative by enabling employees to access their payslips online securely. This digital approach not only saves time and resources but also bolsters data security and accessibility.

Efficiency with Payslips Online:

Payslips Online stands at the heart of our platform, providing employees and employers with effortless financial information management. With Payslips Plus, employees can access their payslips with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual distribution and reducing administrative overhead. Our user-friendly interface ensures that even individuals with limited technical expertise can navigate the platform with ease. Employers benefit from simplified payslip management, ensuring that accurate records are maintained for all staff members. By choosing Payslips Plus, you’re choosing financial transparency and efficiency.

Replacing Lost Payslips:

We understand that sometimes payslips get lost, which is why we offer a hassle-free solution for payslip replacement. If you’ve lost a payslip, including a P60 payslip, Payslips Plus has you covered. Simply contact us with your employee information and pay period, and we will promptly generate a replacement payslip for you. This service is quick and easy, ensuring that you always have access to important financial documents.

Buy Payslips Online:

In addition to replacement payslips, Payslips Plus offers the convenience of buying payslips online. Whether you need duplicate payslips or simply want to access your payslips online in the UK, our platform makes it easy. You can securely purchase the payslips you require, ensuring that you have the financial documents you need at your fingertips.

Your Trusted Partner:

Payslips Plus is your trusted ally in achieving financial transparency and convenience. From payslips and wage slips online to replacement payslips and P60 payslips, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to empower both employees and employers. Embrace the digital advantage, reduce paperwork, and gain real-time access to your financial documents with Payslips Plus. Join us today and experience a seamless, user-friendly platform that simplifies payslip management and enhances financial clarity.

Lost Payslip

For those who have lost their payslips, Payslips Plus offers a convenient solution. Our replacement payslip service ensures that you can obtain copies of your lost or damaged payslips quickly and hassle-free. Simply provide us with your personal and employment details, and we will generate and deliver high-quality, accurate payslips to you within a short turnaround time. Don’t let lost payslips disrupt your financial record-keeping – order replacements now and have peace of mind.

P60 Payslip Online:

When it comes to year-end tax procedures, our P60 payslip online service simplifies the process. Employers can effortlessly create and distribute P60 payslips to their employees through our platform, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. Employees can access their P60 payslips online, ensuring they have the necessary documentation for tax filing and other financial requirements. This service not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors in tax reporting.

How to Get P60 and replacement Payslip Online:

Follow these simple steps to access your P60 payslip online:

1. Visit Navigate to our user-friendly website,, designed for a straightforward experience.
2. Select “Get Your P60 Payslip Online”: Head to the P60 section on our website and choose the “Get Your P60 Payslip Online” option.
3. Provide Your Information: Fill in essential details such as your full name, employee ID (if applicable), contact information, tax year, and any relevant information.
4. Verify Your Details: Double-check the provided information for accuracy.
5. Choose Your Delivery Method: Select your preferred delivery method, whether digital or physical.
6. Make a Secure Payment: Our P60 payslip services are affordably priced, and you can securely pay online.
7. Receive Your P60 Payslip: Once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive your P60 payslip either via email (for digital copies) or through the chosen delivery method. Digital copies can be easily downloaded and printed if needed.

Why Choose for Your P60 Payslip Needs?

If you’ve lost your P60 payslip, we’re here to help. Our platform ensures that you can obtain the essential information from your lost payslip, even when your employer cannot provide a replacement. For more details, contact us at

The P60 payslip is an annual document sent by your employer and is essential for filling out your tax return form. Keep it safe to ensure your financial records are complete and accurate. With Payslips Plus, you’re just a few clicks away from accessing all your financial documents, including payslip replacement and P60 payslips, conveniently and securely online in the UK.