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How to Get a Copy of P60 Online? Payslips plus

If you’ve lost your P60, then you might wonder “how to get a copy of P60 Online“. The most common question we get is “How do I get a copy of my P60?”. If you know what month and year you started at the company, it’s quite easy. If you only know that you worked between dates and can’t remember how much you got paid, it’s a bit more difficult, but not impossible.

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How to Get a Copy of P60 Online?

How to get a copy of P60 Online

If you lose your P60 form, HMRC expects

You’ll have to pay attention to the rules around getting your P60 for a trade sale. If you cease trading, the tax office will send you the pay figures, but they won’t send you a copy of your P60. That’s why you can create your own online P60.


With computerized payroll, the employer can print or email a copy of the employee’s wages. With online payroll, they can also make a copy for them to download.

The last P60 can be fairly straightforward if data is being archived to a different system and is then brought into the new system. If the data isn’t archived, the last pay period data will need to be pulled from the old system and transferred to the new system.

It’s unlikely that you’ll have any old company stationery on hand for a job posting. If you don’t, we’ll be happy to provide some company-specific printouts for you to use.

HMRC won’t provide a copy of the P60 but they will send you the details of your earnings and deductions via a letter. It will be on headed paper from the Revenue and should be fine as proof of employment. However, it may take up to two weeks to arrive.


It’s important to understand what your current earnings are. Having that understanding allows you to use it to create a copy of your payslip (P60). It’s quick and easy to do so. If you have a recent payslip you can use that copy and make adjustments to the previous year’s earnings as necessary. As an employer or HMRC, it’s important to be able to do this so you can match payments against previous years and ensure accuracy.


If you wish to get a copy of your P60 online and you know how much you earned, you can enter all the data or you can calculate the total pay by hand.

You are to receive a replacement straight away. If you need a photocopy or download it should be quick and easy. You may need to get hold of copies from earlier years or print off the same version you currently have.

It’s easy to use. Just fill out the simple form on our website and we’ll make sure your details are correct and send you a sample copy within an hour. If you’re happy there’s a link to pay and we’ll print and post your passport application in a couple of days. We’ll even include a note about your application, which is what we do for all of our clients.


Related Questions

How do I get P60 from my previous employer?

Even if you no longer work for the company, they should still help you. They’ll be surprised you want a P60 and would like to keep it for your own records. Tell them what the HMRC suggested, and be persistent if they don’t respond. Give it seven days, then ask the HMRC for the amounts if they haven’t been received.

Do you have my P60 details?

No, we can’t confirm if you have the right tax withholding. We can’t verify with your employer or tax office. However, we can still calculate the P60 using the data that you enter here. We can then use that information to calculate the right amount of tax to withhold from your pay.

Can I view my P60 online?

P60 is a system for recording and reporting information on crimes and other law enforcement matters. You can access this information online if you register with the Department of Justice.

Should I report a lost P60?

It is important to keep safe but the P60 is unlikely to be of any use to anyone else. Without other identities, they would be of no use to you. In isolation, the P60 is of little use.

Do I need printed forms?

In recent years, it has become easier to get approval for black and white printouts from your payroll system. So many companies do that.