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Replacement Payslips uk: Replacement Payslips Styles

When you lost payslips, it can cause a lot of disappointment. Unfortunately, if you have lost your payslips, there is no need to worry about it, your ultimate destination for premium-quality payslips and replacement payslips services in the UK. Whether you’re an employee in need of accurate documentation or an employer striving for efficient payroll management, our dedicated platform offers a seamless solution tailored to your needs.
Please note we do not share yours and your payslip information with HMRC or any other third party. It is your responsibility to update HMRC, your employer or your employee with any relevant information.

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You must know that you would have to keep your salary records if you are an employee at any employment. For that purpose, you should provide payslips to your employer by the time. Payslips are some kind of stationary provided to an employee at the end of the week or month, showing how much you have earned and how much you have paid tax. It would be illegal for employers not to give a monthly payslip showing the data about employees’ salaries.

In order to address the issue of lost or damaged payslips, our company offers a convenient solution: replacement payslips. These replacement wage slips serve as a substitute for the original payslip in case it gets misplaced or destroyed. Employees can easily request a replacement payslip to ensure they have a complete record of their earnings. Our efficient system allows us to replace payslips promptly, providing employees with the necessary documentation they require. Whether it’s a misplaced payslip or a damaged one, our replacement payslips are designed to seamlessly replace the original, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted record-keeping process. With our reliable service, employees can easily obtain a replacement payslip, eliminating any concerns or inconveniences caused by the loss or damage of their initial payslips. Our commitment to accuracy and efficiency extends to the replacement pay slips as well, ensuring that all necessary information is accurately reflected on the new document. By offering replacement payslips, we strive to assist our employees in maintaining complete and organized wage slip records. In the event of lost or damaged payslips, our replacement payslip service is the ideal solution for swiftly replacing and updating the necessary documentation. Say goodbye to the hassle of lost payslips and welcome the convenience of our efficient replacement payslip system.

Replacement Payslips uk Styles

Replacement Payslips Styles


Replacement payslips are of many styles and colors; some of them are given below:


➔   XM complete payslip in multiple colour choices

➔   Standard payslips in 4 options

➔   Plus style payslips

➔   Tear open postal mailer payslip


XM complete payslip in multiple colour choices

XM’s complete payslip in multiple colour choices makes a great cosmic design. The printed payslip is 210 x 148mm in size and single cut on 160gsm heavy white uncoated paper. It provides you with four colour choices. This replacement payslip style can include:

  • Home address, if not included it doesn’t look odd
  • Lots of space for the company details
  • The layout is very consistent.

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Standard payslips in 4 options

Standard-style payslips are all familiar to UK companies. You fold and rip the aperture to depart. It has a lot of features that you take a look at them.

  • Paper quality is 80gsm and occurs 2 per sheet.
  • Do not add the employee’s home address.
  • It gives you enough space to show the complete company address.


Plus style payslips

The Plus style is famous with users of Sage payroll systems. It attains in two colorways. The most popular colour with clients is blue, but they are otherwise identical. It will provide you following features:


Replacement Payslips Styles


  • Employee’s address.
  • The company name and address
  • Space is only 90 characters.
  • Either enter the company name Or the address; it may be unable to fit.
  • Paper quality is 80gsm and present 2 per sheet.

Tear open postal mailer payslip

Tear open postal mailer payslip is a payslip and envelope in a single frame. The company would normally seal them after print. The employee address would display through a transparent window, then go in the post. And a special print design gives security from spying eyes. When you received tear along the edges to obtain the pay data. You would get unsealed in a covering envelope for the economy. But you can seal and re-open it if needed.

you can also get p60 payslips

How you can Get Replacement Payslips From a Previous Employer

As you know, computer payroll systems have become very common these days and employers can send pay documents to the staff through email only. In case of any loss or damage of the original payslip, P60 or a replacement payslip is required. It has become very convenient to print payslip or P60 forms online these days.

Some companies produce replacement payslips and P60 year-end records using certified payroll stationery and have tie-ups with many firms to give customized payslip clarifications to companies with their logos to keep professionalism. This gains employees’ trust and presents them as a firm to the business. However, they have fast shipping co-operations as well.

Sample, Refund Guarantee and Replace

Some companies are very confident that their payslip service will be what you want. And they make it simple to try out with free samples. But don’t neglect the other advantages. If you forgot to add something, you can edit free of charge. If they don’t satisfy your needs, they can refund super quickly without any hassle.

They always provide you with fast service, high quality, make changes, pay only if perfect, great prices and refund guarantee.

Replacement payslip summary

You can get many advantages from the online payroll system; some of them are given below:

  • e-Payslips (electronic, email) is very popular because it is more comfortable and less expensive for the employer. If you asked your employers about your payslips replacement, they would present you with printed salary information.
  • If you want a print copy or you lost your payslip, you can get a replacement. Online free sample service allows you to play around with styles and patterns to select layouts and the information to add.
  • You can also create more detailed reports if required. There are many options like salary, hours & pay rate, bonus, commission, allowances, expenses, and SMP / SSP.
  • Many companies calculate regular deductions for tax and national insurance and show healthcare, student loans, workplaces, or private pensions.
  • Healthcare and private pensions will depend on your scheme, and you have the option to reverse system calculations on all items.

Final Words

You should provide payslips to your employer by the time that is some stationary provided to an employee at the end of the week or month, showing how much you have earned and how much tax you have paid. You can get your payslip replacement from your employer. There are some styles of payslips provided to you by many online service companies; we have discussed them above. However, getting an online payslip replacement is also an important method convenient and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get old payslips?

You can always approach your previous employer and request the payslip. If they have deleted the Full and Final contract details, you should have your payslip. If not, you can request a soft copy of the same.

Can I get payslips from HMRC?

HMRC’s BPT does not produce a payslip. However, there is developed a payslip tool that can be used in connection with HMRC’s software. You can find the tool more general information about payslips in the payslip section.

What if I lost my payslip?

If you have lost your payslip, you can ask for a loan by giving a duplicate digital payslip. To obtain a duplicate payslip, you need to provide precise data to the same payslip companies. The companies necessitate knowing the names of the employer and the employee for making a payslip.

Are payslips a legal document?

Payslips are important to ensure that the employee earns the correct pay and entitlements and your employer holds accurate and full records. According to the Fair Work Act regulations, your employer must give you a payslip within one working day of payday, even if you’re on holiday.

Can I make my payslips?

You have many options if you want to create your payslips. You can use your payroll software if it offers such a feature; otherwise, you can use another software program that does not have that function. You can send payslips by email, or print out paper copies. Pay slips are your legal rights, so it’s important that you know what you must include in them.